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Shifty Shadows

Shifty Shadows is a FPS horror game where the player is forever second guessing their surroundings. The environment will change upon the player looking away or interacting with items. The player is tasked with escaping the ever changing house and to get help as they're not the first person the house has trapped.

This project was created in the Unity Engine and was the first project I started after graduating from University in 2022. I took inspiration from Resident Evil 7's Baker House & Silent Hill's oppressive foggy setting when I was visualising & laying out the design for the first & second level.

The first level has the player exploring a dilapidated house in the forest with the second level having the player exploring the liminal hallways of the house. The second level is where the main mechanic of the game starts to show, when the player is not looking doors, hallways, furniture & even wall hangings all change around the player.

Originally I wanted to replicate the systems used in this tweet by KennyNL but due to my limited skills at the time I instead elected to do changes when the player reaches key areas.


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