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Legends & Magik

Legends & Magik is an open-world RPG where the player is given access to incredible magical abilities. The player is dropped into a high fantasy world inspired by the likes of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Dragon Age.


This project was made so I could improve my skills with Unreal Engine 5, as this would be the first full project I would do with the engine that allowed for player input. 


As I was designing the layout of the world, I tried to make multiple varied locations so that I could challenge myself and try out new ideas. These locations include; Ebondale, a small farming hamlet. Goldvein, a mining village. Rivervale, a town based on Skyrim's riften. a walled-off, excluded hamlet where the player starts from & Lighthold, a 3 tiered city built into a mountain side complete with a royal castle on highest tier.

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