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Name: Jack Cadle

Location: Glasgow, Scotland



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I have been interested in the industry since 2012, but I only started designing games & levels in 2018, when I was studying at Reed Keir College in Greenock, Scotland. There I learned how to utilize the Unity Game Engine and even Unreal 3 to create numerous games. After college, I moved onto University and graduated at the beginning of 2022 with a Bachelors in Science.

Very soon after leaving Uni, I landed an opportunity with Bloomsnano Ltd as they were looking for a Game Developer to join their team in "Gamifying Medical Care". This is where I became more interested in level designing as I was the sole level designer in the team. I stayed with the company for 6 months until my contract ran out. 


Since then, I have been working on numerous personal projects and expanding my know-how regarding game development and level composition. 

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. 

I'm always open to feedback.

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